Indulge Oils

Can I purchase Indulge Oils online?

Currently we are distributing through California licensed dispensaries only and not directly to customers but who knows this could change one day. 

What are vape cartridges?

Vape cartridges are small tanks of cannabis oil which is turned into a vaporizable liquid. 

How do vape cartridges work?

The cartridge filled with cannabis oil is connected to a power source, usually a battery. An atomizer which is a device inside the cartridge activates the oil (using the battery power) so the vaporized oil may be inhaled. 

How long does it work?

The vapor tastes sweeter, lighter and less burnt than if you inhaled dried cannabis with less of a body effect. 

What effect will I have?

The vapor tastes sweeter, lighter and less burnt than if you inhaled dried cannabis.

Do your oils contain any fillers like propylene glycol or vegetable oil?

Our oils contain no MCT, VG, PG or any other filler. We deliver 100% cannabis oil with terpenes which we’ve been told are the most pure, potent and flavorful in the market. 

What kind of batteries are compatible with with Indulge Oils Cartridges?

We back our own batteries first, but if you don’t have one of our awesome batteries, any 510 threaded push button battery normally will work. Keep in mind we don’t guarantee third part battery performance. 

What type of cannabis do you use for Indulge Oils?

We use California grown cannabis exclusively, from our strain specific micro-grows to insure the purest and cleanest taste in the market. Add in potency that will knock your socks off and that is the reason our customers continue to Indulge.