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We are committed to the therapeutic value of cannabis oil to heal people while enjoying life. Our products are crafted, strain specific THC and CBD oils of premium quality.



We are a Northern California company dedicated to delivering patients exceptional terpene-rich products. Our continued focus brings pure and potent oils to market which are highly effective.

The Difference


We use state of the art Supercritical CO2 extraction, our proprietary methods and years of experience to set the highest levels of benchmark quality. Creating natural, medicinal cannabis extracts is why we exist.


We produce 100% solvent-free cannabis distillate delivering potency, purity and flavor. Our medical grade oil is extracted from micro-grows and is hand trimmed. We use state of the art CO2 Supercritical extraction methods preserving the delicate cannabinoid and full spectrum terpene profile.


By producing a cleaner, solvent-free oil we deliver a better curated experience for our patients. Our oils work together with your endocannabinoid system and are designed for you to be active, relaxed, passionate, focused or pain free. Our extracts help our patients enjoy life to its full potential.  

For any further information you can visit Indulge Oils on Facebook @indulgeoils,  Instagram @indulgeoils1, Twitter @indulgeoils,  Tumblr or feel free to contact us through our website with any comments or questions. Thank you! 

Our Values




We do what we love and are connected to something greater than ourselves by helping others. 

We are creators, leaders and self-starters. We try new things constantly and understand failure is part of success. 

We are committed to our brand, mission and values. We know we are not perfect and don’t pretend to be. We are straight forward and as transparent as we can be. 




We don’t settle, ever. We get it done and get it done well. We are persistent and will run through walls and knock  em’ down to make it happen.

We are grateful for what we have, our team and our customers for without them we would not exist. We don’t take success for granted and appreciate every day we have.

We are a group of individuals which collectively make a team. We appreciate each others talents and effort. Without these values we can not accomplish alone, what we can do together.